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Why Is Digital Security Important?

Enhance your digital security efforts

Whether you are a regular user, a public figure, or a hell of a spy, even a spy, there are ways to expand your digital security efforts even further.

I’ve already dismantled the fact that you need encryption and backups for your data, but what else can you do physically to protect yourself?

Use multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is becoming more common in ways of protecting data and identities.

These additional security layers are when a site requires a password to gain access, in addition to another form of authentication, like something you have.

A good example of this is when you log in to the account using a password and then the account sends a numeric code to your smartphone to type before you can access your account.

For example, every time I make a change to my online banking settings, the app sends me a code that I log in to before the changes can be saved.

Tape over your webcam

Have you ever seen people typing on their laptops in cafes or airports with tapes through the webcam and thinking “what the hell?”

I know I have. Essentially, think of it as a high-tech, high-tech digital security move.

If you think this movie is excessive, let me remind you that in April 2016, cyber attackers hacked into people’s devices through their webcams and then streamed live footage on YouTube.

Whether you like it or not, this is a very real, very chilling threat that we must take into account.

Instead of being a victim in this situation, invest in a small painter’s tape and place it over the laptop’s webcam.

Alternatively, if you want to like it, you can buy official camera covers to stop hackers from following them.

Apply privacy protector

Something we all do, whether we want to admit it or not, is to peek at the laptop or smartphone of the person next to us when he is in public.

It happens when we are on the train and waiting in line, and it becomes completely natural to casually look at someone else’s screen.

To prevent others from seeing what’s on the screen, start protecting privacy. These thin covers make the screen darker from certain viewing angles.

When you apply a privacy protector, you can still see your screen normally when looking straight ahead, but if someone tries to snatch a seat next to you, it will look like your screen is off.

Whether you are sending a private work email that includes sensitive information or wordplay with friends, no one will know except you.

There is a time and place to be vulnerable

As long as it does not include your identity or data. Save yourself the time and money that comes from hacking by making sure you take digital security seriously.

You never know when you might fall victim to a cyberattack, so be sure to protect your data whenever possible.