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What Should I Do for a Noisy Hard Drive



What Should I Do for a Noisy Hard Drive?

There are some noises you will never want to hear. Right there on the list is a funny noise coming from the hard disk drive. Scratching noise grinding or noise means there is definitely a problem in HDD. 


Before examining what might be causing these noises there is a first priority. If you do not have a current backup this is the first thing you should do first with the most critical data files. If you act immediately when you first hear a strange spinning noise you have a very good chance of backing up before the noisy hard drive fails.


Okay, now that we have a backup we can fix the cause of this noise coming from your hard drive (HDD). Hard drives have some moving parts. 


The plates (where the data is stored and read) rotate at a tremendous speed measured at RPM. Even a slow hard drive nowadays goes at least 5400 revolutions per minute. The axis on which the trays sit also rotates at this speed. The outer towards the center.


Any of these moving parts can wear out and start making noises. You can not really replace the internal parts because of cost and methods so your only choice is to replace the computer drive. 


As I mentioned above if you run immediately as soon as you hear the first strange noise the hard disk drive may take a little longer. Many new hard drives come with software that can easily transfer all the contents of the drive to your new software. So this is a huge advantage in transferring the content from a working drive to the new disk drive.


Transferring content is a great time saver because you will not have to reinstall your operating system and any other software application. And there are many other pieces of data like your email address book browser favorites and even passwords or network settings. 


You never realize how many things you have on your computer until you lose it. Transferring all system software and data is much easier and you will not lose anything.


If the hard disk does not come with software to copy the contents of the old drive to a new drive there is some good software you can buy to do so. 


My first choice will be Acronis Migrate 7. It runs for about $ 40 and can be used to create a backup image. There are other programs out there but none are as lightweight and bulletproof as Acronis.


If it is a computer drive replacement there are certain aspects of the original drive that you want to check to make sure the new one is similar. You can often increase the size and speed of your new hard drive for better performance and more data storage. 


Suppose you had a 250GB SATA hard drive that runs at 5400 rpm that is going to fail soon in its voice. You can easily get a 500 GB SATA drive that runs at 7500 rpm (the faster it rotates you can store and receive data Faster) around $ 65.


So just doubling your storage capacity and significantly increasing your access speed. These new hard drives come with very simple instructions for replacing the old noisy hard drive. 


If the software that can copy the entire hard disk drive comes with your specific choice it will have information on exactly how to do this, often step-by-step instructions. Acronis Migrate 7 also includes complete instructions and is intended for even the novice user. And Acronis also has great support if you have any questions.


So if you hear a spinning noise from the hard disk drive (HDD) the time to act is right there. Backup all your data first. Then once you can buy a replacement drive and install it. This will be a minor issue. But you ignore the noisy hard drive. I promise you will have a much bigger problem and will probably lose some important data.