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What Are the Benefits of a Mechanical Keyboard?


Benefits of Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Switches

Extensive keyboards typically use mechanical switches. There are several different types of mechanical switches but most often a metal spring is used for the operating mechanism. A mechanical switch with a metal spring wears more slowly than one with a rubber dome. But more on the pros of mechanical switches below.


The German Sherry company has dominated the mechanical switch market for decades. They are still very popular but until now many other manufacturers make their own mechanical switches.


Mechanical keyboards have many benefits and advantages over rubber dome keyboards or scissor-switch in gaming and typing. But there are also some small drawbacks.


Scissor Switch

Apple’s keyboards and most notebooks use scissor switches. Scissor switches use rubber domes just like common membrane keyboards but have a different mechanic hold and guide the key cover. Instead of large plastic guide shafts, there are two cross-plastic arms for each key.


Keyboards with the scissor mechanism have a low profile layout and take quite a while longer than common membrane keyboards (up to 10 – 30 million keystrokes).


Advantages of Mechanical Keyboard

Longer Lifespan

Mechanical keys have a significantly longer lifespan. Most mechanical switches are tested for between 30 and 70 million keystrokes, some even up to 100 million keystrokes. Common membrane keyboards offer a lifespan of only about 5 million keystrokes alone.


No Wear Out

Mechanical switches not only last longer but also hardly wear out. Even after a few years typing on a mechanical keyboard almost feels like the first day. No rattling keys or jammed keys.


Advantages of Mechanical Keyboard in Gaming

A mechanical switch offers more tweak options than a simple rubber dome. So it’s not really surprising that there are many different types of switches with different characteristics.


Some switches have an identifiable operating point, some switches offer additional acoustic feedback. Some switches are adapted to the game and some switches are adapted to typing. More about this can be found in the article Switch Switches.


High Stability / Robustness

Mechanical keyboards are significantly heavier than membrane or scissor keyboards. Therefore they also have more stability and will not deviate so easily.