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What Are Solid State Hybrid Hard Drive


 What Is a Solid State Hybrid Drive?

If you have used computers almost all the time you are probably familiar with traditional hard drives. They are mechanical devices consisting of a rotating magnetic disk or “disk” and read/write heads that read and record data to a disk. Hard disks have come a long way over the last few decades with better performance, greater capabilities, and lower costs. 


However hard disks can spin so fast which limits their final performance. They also solve the performance problem by part of the rotating disk in favor of flash memory but they are particularly expensive. Enter the Solid State Hybrid Hard Drive, a new type of drive that delivers performance reliability and capability without the high cost of solid-state drives.


Solid-state hybrid hard drives are exactly what the name implies: a hybrid between solid-state drives and hard disk drives. 


A single housing contains both a traditional rotating magnetic disk and high-speed flash memory. The traditional hard disk is like any other: it can store huge amounts of data but offers limited performance. 


The flash memory included in an SSD hybrid drive is usually relatively small in terms of capacity (after all flash memory in an expensive solid-state). However, he is a fast player.


Because both capacity and performance are available on one disc you get the best of both worlds without having to pick over each other. They place your most common files in the flash part of the drive so you get the best possible disk performance most of the time. 


Your other data is in the traditional hard disk where it is available whenever you need it. If you need to access data on disk it will not be as fast as data stored in flash memory. However, it will be served in a way that matches the traditional discs.


The benefits of choosing a hybrid storage device are many. For example, you get the performance of solid-state drives most often without the costs of a hard drive in full mode. You also get the capacity of a traditional hard disk. Besides boot times and application performance often improve.


They are available for PCs as well as for network storage components. Expect to pay more for an SSD hybrid drive than a traditional hard drive due to the inclusion of solid-state components and the additional complexity of frequently used cached storage. 


In a network environment where performance is a must, hybrid storage is an affordable choice capable of delivering performance seventy times greater than hard disk performance without the capacity limitations or costs involved in all-Flash arrays.


Is switching to a hybrid drive the right choice for you? If performance capacity and costs are the driving forces behind your decision going beyond that can be the perfect choice for your organization or business.