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The Complete Guide to Hp Laptop Plugged In Not Charging


 A laptop that is plugged in but not charging can be frustrating. The reason why this happens is because the power supply is not working. There are many reasons why this can happen, but it’s usually due to a faulty power cord or adapter. Fortunately, there are things you can do to fix this problem.


Introduction: What Causes a Hp Laptop to Not Charge and How Does it Affect You?

A laptop that isn’t charging is a common issue that many people face, but it can be difficult to identify the cause without the assistance of a technician. This article will help you identify what’s causing your laptop not to charge and how this might be affecting you.

The first place to start in troubleshooting any problem is by identifying what equipment or software is currently plugged into the laptop. This includes power cords and wireless devices such as keyboards and mice. Remove all the devices and plugs from the laptop and plug them in one at a time. If there’s no change when trying each device, then we know it’s external to the laptop and we can eliminate these as causes for our charger not charging issue.


What is the Best Fix for Your Hp Laptop Plugged In Not Charging Issue?

Plugged in not charging is a common problem for laptops. The laptop thinks it is getting power when it is plugged in but in reality, the cord is not connected well to the charger or the power source.

The fix for this laptop plugging in not charging issue depends on what you think the problem may be. Here are some of the most common fixes:

Check to make sure that your charger and cord are plugged into an outlet with power and that your charger is securely connected to your laptop.

If you have a battery-powered device, make sure that you’ve selected a compatible power source from the list of available choices on your screen.


How to Fix an Hp Laptop Plugged In But No Battery Charge

The laptop is not getting charged when you plug in the power supply

Step 1: Determine if the laptop is receiving power from the power supply by looking for any indicator lights that show that power is being received. If there are no indicator lights, then it may be a faulty charger or adapter.

Step 2: Plug in a different device such as a phone charger to see if it charges. If it does, then that means that the laptop is not getting any power from its adapter or charger.

Step 3: Check the charging port on your laptop for any dust or debris. If there are none, then you need to check if your battery needs to be replaced.

Step 4: Try replacing the charging cord with one of your old ones to see if it will work better with your device.

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