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RAM Memory Checker, Memory Test Utility


 RAM Memory Checker is a small, easy to use utility that allows you to quickly and simply check your computer’s Random Access Memory (RAM) for any faults and to see how much memory your computer has installed.


What is Ram and Why is it Important?

A computer’s RAM is the place where the operating system, software programs, and data in current use are located so that they can be quickly accessed. A computer with sufficient RAM can offer you better performance.

A Computer’s RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which means your computer will access it randomly. This type of memory is most efficient when it comes to speed because it does not need to follow a particular order to get to memory from the hard drive. This feature makes your PC run faster.

What is Ram?

RAM also acts as a temporary storage place for data and instructions that your CPU needs to access quickly while using your PC. If there’s not enough space in RAM then some data or program instructions may have to be temporarily stored on the hard drive which slows down the computer.


How to Check Your RAM Memory With Windows 10 Diagnostics Tool for Troubleshooting

Windows 10 Diagnostics Tool is a free and third-party tool that can be used to see if your RAM is functioning properly.

Many diagnostic tools can be used to check the memory of a computer system, but Windows 10 Diagnostics Tool has its benefits. It is free, lightweight and easy to use. Plus, it has an intuitive interface that enables users with no technical background to easily use it.


How to Troubleshoot a Computer’s Randomly Crashing Problems by Checking the Memory & Ram

Random crashing problems arise from a variety of reasons, including software glitches, outdated drivers, overworked hardware, or poor quality.

We will show you how to troubleshoot your PC’s random crashing by checking the memory and RAM.

Step 1: Check for RAM errors on your computer with Memtest86+

Step 2: Make sure that there is at least 10% free space on your hard drive


Best Tools for Testing a Computer’s RAM Memory to Catch the Cause of the Problem

A computer’s memory or RAM is one of the most important components for a computer because it stores the data that the computer needs to function. If your system crashes because of a hardware issue, your RAM may likely have been corrupted.

The best tools for testing a computer’s RAM are Memtest, Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, and PassMark MemTest86+. They are all free to use and they can be downloaded online.



There are many other utilities available online for checking RAM. But Memory Test Utility can be recommended because it’s simple, free, and it provides thorough information about the installed RAM.