Phone Battery Draining Fast?

In recent years there has been tremendous advancement in mobile phone technology. First, we had color screens and then cell phone cameras or camera phones then camera phones with flashes. The list goes on and on.


We now live in a time when it is customary for mobile phone and iPhone to include web browsers, GPS systems, video players, music players, and many more features which drain much more battery. All of these additional systems, of course, use extra power and although battery technology has advanced we too are at a stage where most of us find ourselves having to charge the phone more and more frequently.


Here are some tips which will decrease drain and also extend the dying battery life of your mobile phone and iPhone between charges and they will extend the battery life itself.


Set the screen brightness on your mobile phone to the lowest setting. Most peoples’ android phones and iPhones are by default set to the brightest and this is one of the biggest unnecessary drain of the battery.


Turn off the vibration mode. The vibrator on your phone is powered by a small electric motor that draining the juice from your mobile phone battery faster than you realize.


If at all possible avoid using the additional functions. For example, the GPS function in the modern phone is a massive draining of battery life and so is the camera flash.


Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi. Most people have Bluetooth and WiFi turned on permanently on their phones. Although they are slightly drained on the android phone battery it is still draining especially considering most days we do not even use fix Bluetooth or WiFi.


Most modern phones and iPhones operate on a 3G network which is a huge drain on the battery causing quick die. In the settings of these 3G phones, it is possible to turn off 3G and use only the GSM network. If as a part you never use any of the 3G functions and just use your phone as well just the phone and then transfer your phone for GSM use only. This will usually decrease the draining of the dying battery life of your phone and iPhone by 50%.


Turn off your mobile phone when you are in a non-reception area. It’s useless to share but if like me you travel underground for an hour a day then turning off the phone for that hour will give you more use at later hours when you need it.

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