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How to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

How to increase laptop battery life as long as possible? If you have replaced your portable battery, you know it is not cheap. Tips to increase laptop battery life.


  1. Turn on the battery saver mode
  2. Decrease the screen brightness
  3. Turn off unused devices
  4. Lower the resolution
  5. Turn off the keyboard backlight
  6. Close unnecessary applications and processes
  7. Do not let your laptop overheat


Turn on the battery saver mode

how to increase the battery life of a laptop. Each laptop is equipped with a battery saving mode or a power-saving mode which puts the machine in low power mode. The CPU, memory, hard disk, etc. start consuming less power by reducing their performance. This allows you to extend the time before the battery dies.


Decrease the screen brightness

How to increase laptop battery lifespan. As with any electronic device including your mobile phone, you need to lower the screen brightness of your laptop. In fact, if the battery is about to die, lower it to the lowest setting. The most modern laptop screens consist of LED lamps that provide the backlight, so they take up power.


Turn off unused devices

Unless you use them, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth because these are radios that consume quite a bit of battery power. Besides, you can also turn off unused peripherals such as a high-performance graphics card (obviously you will not need it to make a presentation), one or more USB ports (most laptops have two to three ports so you can turn off one), and any non-optical drives Are exploited. | How to increase battery life of laptop dell.


Lower the resolution

Modern laptops contain high-resolution monitors that draw a lot of battery power; Reducing the resolution to a basic resolution when you want more battery life is an effective way to reduce power consumption. | How to increase battery life of laptop hp.


Turn off the keyboard backlight

Unless you do not have a laptop with a backlit keyboard, turning off the backlight helps further increase the time before the battery runs out.


Close unnecessary applications and processes

Hardware is not the only component that consumes your battery, but also the software. So start by closing all the programs running in the background; For example, processes related to sound, music players, video players, or cloud services can be safely closed.


Do not let your laptop overheat

Improve laptop battery life. Do you use your laptop in bed, a blanket, or a pillow? If so, chances are you risk damaging the battery and internal components; Excessive heat will not only cause damage but will also shorten the battery life. Therefore, place your laptop on a hard surface like a desk or desk and if you feel lazy, use a portable desk like Lapdesk.


How to improve battery life laptop. Furthermore, dust and debris accumulate in the vents, fans, and vents of a laptop which blocks the heat from escaping. Exploding the vents with compressed air helps improve performance and increase laptop battery life of a laptop.


Things you need to know to increase laptop battery life

The most common topics today in the Laptop Maintenance Forum are the topics that deal with battery life for laptops and how to maintain a good battery life. 

Laptop batteries are usually composed of lithium or nickel, both of which are rechargeable and capable of holding the charger for a suitable amount of time. To get the full life of the portable battery and make it work more efficiently, how to increase your laptop battery life. It is important to maintain and maintain it regardless of the reputation of the battery manufacturer or the type of battery. 

Discharge depth is one of the most common terms you may be familiar with if you are looking for matters related to battery life. How to improve your laptop battery life. This is usually referred to as DOD, meaning how low the battery is before it is plugged into an outlet. 

Most people prefer to work on their laptops while connected to an external power supply. Practically, the depth of discharge is zero in such cases. On the contrary, some people would rather use their batteries until their power is completely exhausted. The common discharge depth range ranges from 66% to 76%.


Along with examining the charge and discharge levels, you will also need to monitor the temperature of the laptop. Windows 10 improve battery life. The laptop heats up due to the rise in temperature that depends on the use of the laptop. 

If your laptop overheats it will affect the battery efficiency of the laptop thus causing it to use more power than required. It also reduces the battery life of your laptop, which is caused as a result of increased internal resistance. 

Therefore, it is recommended that the temperature of your laptop battery does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Hence, it is advisable not to make such common mistakes as laying the laptop on your knees or even keeping pillows and other soft surfaces.


How to increase laptop battery capacity. Another part of the laptop battery that you will need to know is its charge cycle. This cycle is called the length of time required between using the full battery and recharging. 

Using a battery completely does not mean bringing the battery level to zero percent. This means utilizing the battery charge up to a level of 66% to 70%. A full cycle is completed only when the battery level is increased up to 90% of its total capacity.


There are different batteries with different capabilities for holding their charger, depending on the manufacturer. You need to make sure you have an extra battery pack for your laptop to prevent unexpected loss of processed data. How to increase battery backup of laptop. Another package of battery is useful even when you run out of battery and there is no external power supply for charging. Therefore, if you take good care of your laptop battery it will result in high-quality battery life.