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How to Fix Hp Laptop sound not working windows 10


 When you turn on your laptop, you don’t hear anything coming from the computer. You have already tried to press the volume up button but nothing happens. The solution is to try and reinstall the sound drivers on your laptop. This can be done by going to the HP website and downloading the drivers you need.


Solution to the sound not working

If you have a computer that has no sound at all, then you can go on to step 2. In this part of the guide, you will learn how to fix the sound not working on the pc.

Turn Off The Sound

If your pc is not having sound, you can simply turn off the sound on the pc. On an Xbox live you can press the Xbox key on the back of your console twice, once to bring up the menu and the second time to shut the program down.

Turn On the Speakers

It is very important to turn on the speakers as well. Because if you turn on the sound, you may not be able to turn the speakers on if you find your volume has been turned off.


Laptop sound not working on windows 10

The one problem most people can not live without is the quality of the sound that their laptop provides. It sounds like a nice luxury, but unfortunately, it’s not always there, unfortunately some laptops just don’t have the speakers in place and are often fussy about sound quality.

A solution is to go and buy a second laptop or an add-on audio device that you have to a one so that you can have the best sound on your laptop at all times. Of course, you should listen to it, because as they say, knowledge is power and you know what’s been there, has helped me for a while, but I’m here to make things easy for you.


How to fix laptop sound not working

The sound doesn’t work on your laptop? if so, then this guide can help you fix the problem.

Having an issue with the sound on your laptop is nothing to be alarmed with and what is the issue can easily be fixed in a short period.

To fix your sound on Windows 10, you should first reset your sound device.

If your laptop speaker is not working, then it is almost always related to the sound card and/or the PC system hardware.

Having an issue with the sound card on your laptop is almost always a Windows issue. Sometimes, there may be a software or driver issue but most of the time it is something that has to do with the sound card driver.



Are you looking for a quick and simple solution to fix your Hp laptop sound not working on windows 10? If you’re experiencing a sound issue while you’re using your Hp laptop then it’s highly likely that you are not able to hear the Hp laptop sound.