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How to Fix a Slow Computer and Tweaks in Best Way

How to fix a slow computer? You can modify almost any component on your PC to optimize its performance. You just have to look for tips and tricks for your computer. You can modify its hardware so that it works faster and more efficiently than it normally does and its software to make all applications installed on your computer run perfectly with as efficient resources as possible. 


This article contains some tips and tricks that will guide you to weaken or customize the hardware and software of your PC.


Tips For Better Computer Performance

How to improve computer performance? For someone who uses computers for long hours every day for work or other personal reasons, how to fix a slow computer? owning a fully functional unit is considered a great source of satisfaction. 


If they hold a unit with poor performance, then there is a good chance that they will just get upset every time they use it. If you own a PC and want to improve its functionality, improve pc performance, you must start looking for the best computer software that can help you deal with those issues that may harm or reduce its performance. 


Some programs have been proven to be effective when dealing with certain computer problems. Using new technology will increase the chances of fixing computer performance issues, thus ensuring that you begin to improve the functionality of your computer.


One benefit you can expect once you decide to install a good antivirus and anti-malware software in your system is that they come as a complete package. how to fix a slow computer. 


This means that you will no longer have to purchase any other product just to get it to perform effectively what it is supposed to do. 


Even though it is only one piece of software, you can still expect it to perform a variety of functions, all of which are designed to improve poor and sloppy computer performance.


Some tools can protect your computer from the harmful effects caused by virus infections and malware. Because your unit is protected from these harmful contaminants, you can enjoy its stable and fast performance. 


You do not have to worry about it being slow and sloppy because the software will be around to help you. It will then be possible to obtain an option to fix computer problems immediately and maintain good computer performance.


If you have finally made the decision to install the software on your system, then you should know that the whole installation process is not difficult at all. 


In fact, the process is simple and convenient and this allows anyone, who has only a basic knowledge of computers, how to fix a slow computer? to perform the installation on their own. 


The whole installation and installation process is really intuitive so you will never have a hard time dealing with it. Simply follow the simple instructions and click on the appropriate buttons, which all appear clearly on the computer screen for the installation process to take place.


After installing the software, you will be on your way to using it to your best advantage. Because it works as a computer cleaning software, you can start learning about the specific procedures involved in cleaning your computer while using it. 


Because of the powerful ability to clean your computer, how to fix a slow computer? you will no longer worry about it getting stuck all the time with viruses and malware. You can really expect the software to help you prevent these things from infecting your system. 


Even if you are constantly using the Internet, these infections can still be prevented once your system is protected by the software. Accelerating all your computer performance will become an achievable reality.


After installing the appropriate antivirus on your system, it will start scanning. In fact, once installed, an initial scan will already be performed. 


The scan helps identify major issues that may be present in your computer system today. You will be able to find out the number of problems that are already suffering from your unit and you will be able to start finding solutions to them. 


If the scan results show that your computer is infected with viruses and malware, the software can help you most. how to fix a slow computer. This can be solved because of the ability of software that can be used as an effective computer cleaning software. All viruses can be expected to be removed from your system after the software performs its cleaning operation.


In fact, many issues can cause the slow performance of your computer and all of these can be detected once the software has completed the scan. You should always keep in mind that viruses and malware are not the only problems facing your computer. how to fix a slow computer. 


Among the issues that can greatly affect the performance of your PC will be issues related to its startup processes, registry, session manager, and defragmentation. Although some issues can be a bit serious, you should know that they are all manageable. You can definitely control them as long as you take action.


If you want to get the most out of your PC, you need to have effective software that can improve your computer’s performance. Using the right computer tools is something you should never consider when it comes to this. 


Some software is indeed particularly helpful in effectively dealing with problems that cause your PC to perform poorly. You can then expect the issues to be resolved immediately.


Tweaking Your Computer’s Hardware and Software

Tweaking Your Computer’s Hardware

There are several hardware components in your computer that can be adjusted to improve its performance. Since the most essential part of your computer is its processor, how to fix a slow computer? you can start modifying it. 


Overclock is the most familiar term that computer users typically use to refer to the CPU CPU tuning process. There are two easy ways to change your computer’s processor. If your computer has been manufactured for the last four years, you can easily replace your computer’s processor by changing the BIOS or UEFI BIOS setting. 


When you access your computer’s BIOS, you should try to locate the CPU(central processing unit) operating speed settings, the FSB clock, and the PCI clock and change their values. If you cannot find these settings in your computer’s BIOS, your computer is out of date. 


On an old computer, overclocking can be used by changing the jumper settings of the computer’s motherboard. Because different processors have different performance records, there is no universal rule for how your CPU clocks. 


You can experiment with different settings until you understand the peak performance of your PC. If you assign a certain value to set the CPU clock and the computer crashes or does not boot properly when you turn it on, your computer has exceeded its performance peak. Therefore you need to lower this value a bit to keep your computer running properly. 


If you cannot access the BIOS to reset its settings, you must locate the 3-pin jumper of the motherboard labeled “reset bios” or “clear CMOS”, remove the jumper that connects the first and second pins, and connect it to connect the second and third pins. Some new computers allow you to adjust the performance of their CPU and video card using a built-in application that you can access after turning on the computer.


Tweaking Your Computer’s Software

How to improve computer performance windows 10? Customizing your computer’s software is much simpler and easier than modifying its hardware. 


You can use third-party applications to modify your computer’s system environment, how to fix a slow computer? modify its operating system using the standalone programs already installed, or change the setting of all the applications installed on it.


How to increase computer speed windows 10? There is a large selection of third party programs that you can use to perform aggregation work on your PC. 


You can, for example, use Teracopy to copy files and folders more quickly or use BatteryCare to extend the battery life of your laptop. Just browse the internet and you will find mostly hundreds of programs that you can use to tune your computer.


Windows 10 performance tweaks. You can also change your computer’s operating system by changing its settings using all the built-in applications installed on your computer when you install its operating system. 


If you are using a Windows operating system, for example, how to improve pc performance windows 10? you can prevent it from listing recent files that you have opened by accessing the taskbar and configuring the menu properties, or prevent it from running an auto-start function by changing its Group Policy setting (GPEDIT.MSC) if you use Windows 10 or by changing its autoplay setting in Control Panel if you are using later versions of Windows.


Some programs you have installed on your computer also have standalone coloring functions. If you are interested in knowing the hidden features of all the software you install on your computer, you can try searching for its “hidden features” or “easter eggs” via the internet.


The Causes of Reduced Computer Performance

The factors that reduce computer performance are divided into two categories: hardware and software. I’ll start with the easy part:


Related to hardware:

Memory Usage

How to improve computer performance? When buying a new computer, it is important to obtain a decent amount of memory (RAM). Computer programs are becoming more and more memory hungry and are left without memory while running an application, which means increased data exchange on the hard drive. This will lead to a reduction in computer performance.


CPU Speed and Cache

Getting your computer to run a word processing or spreadsheet application or surfing the web is not the same as using it to play 3D games or do graphic design, 3D modeling, and animation, how to fix a slow computer? so the faster the processor the better the performance. 


Do not forget that the processor has its own memory for storing instructions in what is called a cache, so this cache should be large for optimal hardware performance.


Hard Disk Drive Speed and Cache

Hard disk speed is measured at RPM (slow per minute) when it is slow means it takes longer to access data and bring it to the processor. Also, the hard drive will store some of its instructions in its memory (Cache). These factors will contribute to a well-tuned system or not.


Graphics Card Memory and Speed

Get a graphics card that fits your computer work You will not need a fast card and a lot of memory to perform simple tasks, how to fix a slow computer? the more your graphics are needed, the better it will be to invest in a luxury graphics card.


Now the hard part (difficult because during the life of the computer the amount and frequency of software entering and leaving the system is enormous; so much “dirt” will come and go, and it is really hard work to keep it clean).


Software related:


Everyday computer tasks include: installing and removing software, transferring, deleting, replacing files … etc. These activities split files and data. Fragmentation is the situation where files are divided into chunks scattered around the hard disk drive and can significantly affect computer performance. 


This is because it takes longer to access files on your hard disk drive if they are fragmented.


Improve Windows 10 performance. Microsoft periodically releases updates for Windows to ensure that the software runs at its best and that your computer is protected from the latest known security holes and bugs or programming errors. 


Besides, how to fix a slow computer? many of these updates will help improve your computer’s performance. Therefore you should not let Windows keep up to date; otherwise, you will compromise on the security and performance of your computer.


Hard Disk Drive Errors

Data on the hard disk drives may be corrupt and contain errors, such as computer crashes or lockouts, improper shutdowns, power surges, or electrical oscillations and spikes that cause a sudden reset. When there are errors in the hard disk drive, it cannot work at its optimal performance.


Internet Cache and Temporary Files

Web browsers typically create temporary files, often called web caches, while browsing the web. These temporary files are usually not needed after browsing the Internet and can take up large amounts of hard disk space. Therefore, these files, if not removed on a scheduled basis, will contribute to poor computer performance.


Invalid Registry Entries

The registry contains information that Windows constantly references during startup, such as profiles for each user, serial numbers and registry keys, the applications installed on the computer and the types of documents each can create, feature sheet settings for folders and application icons, system hardware and ports in use. 


Many specific registry keys can slow down computer performance. These are usually invalid keys that contain information about COM ActiveX, DirectX, and Java objects. 


These objects are part of programs, how to improve pc performance, and when you remove programs sometimes these keys still exist. However, if these registry keys are not removed they can contribute to slower computer performance.


Recycle Bin

Files are not actually removed from the hard disk drive when you delete them for the first time. For example, deleting files for the first time sends them to the Recycle Bin. Then from there, you can permanently remove them from your computer, or in case you realized you did not need to delete them, you can recover them.


Temporary Files

Computer programs constantly create many different temporary files, which are usually stored for your benefit. However, these temporary files on your computer can accumulate, which can contribute to poor computer performance.


Unnecessary Startup Programs

Many programs will add themselves to your executable folder, which may cause your computer to continue to run. Besides, these programs running in the background will steal computing power from other applications you use and include your computer. 


One application that is worth mentioning is the virus protection software that we all use or we like it or not. These essential tools that protect our operating environment have a negative impact: they slow down computer performance, but we can do nothing about it unless we use a computer that will never access the Internet.


Unused Files and Programs

Unused programs and files are one of the biggest contributors to wasted disk space and can cause a decrease in computer performance. As a general rule of thumb, the less disk space you use on your hard drive, the better overall computer performance you will experience. Therefore, it is best to remove unused software and files that you no longer need.


Viruses, Malware, Trojan Horses, and Email Bombs

With increasing exposure to the Internet, antivirus software is having a hard time keeping your computer operating environment clean and free of viruses. 


From time to time new viruses strike around the world, and if not lucky enough to catch them they will affect his computer’s performance, file access, internet connection, and program performance.


Windows Temporary Files

The Windows operating system and other applications create temporary files for various reasons, such as during software installations. 


However, these temporary files are usually not needed after the application exits or when Windows closes. In many cases, applications do not always clean themselves and leave behind a pile of files that will take advantage of some of your computer’s valuable disk space.



So how do you optimize your computer? Buy well and get an insight into your computing needs in 3 or 6 months. Buy a system that will make you feel comfortable during your estimated life. 


Use your operating system optimizer and get good optimization software from many available there, but be careful, letting the program in its earlier version tweak your registry is a risky business. Choose mature and well-established software in the market.


Improving Computer Performance With the PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor is considered one of the best-known names in the field of computer performance optimization. This software has proven to be useful in ensuring that computers are protected from harmful infections caused by viruses, worms, and other malware. 


With the help of this software, computer owners are given the option to make use of their units to their greatest advantage. How to increase pc performance. One no longer has to worry about getting very upset because of using a computer with very slow speed and sloppy performance. 


Because of the many things that software can do to improve the performance of your PC, how to increase computer performance? it just makes sense for you to try it and install it on your system.


Aside from being a major help in improving computer performance, you can also expect a PC Health Advisor to perform other important functions. One is that it works as a reliable and effective computer cleaning software. 


This means that the software performs functions that focus on protecting your PC from advertisements and other virus infections. With the built-in tools that come along with the software package, you can also expect to get support when it comes to restoring and maintaining the good performance of your PC. 


The good thing about this software is that you will not be required to purchase a utility just for it to work. Because it can be seen as all-in-one computer software, you get a one hundred percent guarantee that it will help you achieve stability and speed for your computer system without having to purchase any other software.


Another of the many benefits of using PC Health Adviser software is that you will never have a hard time installing it. All it takes is a few clicks and you’ll be on your way to installing the software. 


After completing the simple installation process, the software will immediately perform an initial scan of your computer. The best thing about it is that you will never have trouble navigating it. The software used as computer cleaning software is very effective and user friendly. 


Because of this, how to increase the speed of the computer? an initial scan can be expected to be performed as efficiently as possible. The initial scan will definitely help you learn more about the things that adversely affect the performance of your PC.


After performing the scan you will be given the option to find out the type and type of problems facing your computer. During the scan process, certain aspects of your computer’s operating system such as the Windows Registry and those involved in the processes and security of your system are deployed by your PC Health Advisor so that you can identify all major major issues. 


Once the issues are identified, it will appear in the list according to their personal categories.


One of the major issues that may be identified after the scan is the malware related issue. Ad-ware can really cause a huge problem in computer performance. This can cause the sloppy performance of your PC. 


Your computer may suffer from malicious infections after it has been increasingly exposed to the Internet. With the many viruses that exist on the Internet today, antivirus software can have a hard time dealing with all of them. 


This is the main reason why many computer owners decide to purchase computer cleaning software. This will allow them to keep their computer system virus free.


Another issue that may be identified after a full scan is the issue associated with your listing. It is known that the registry is filled with a lot of information required for efficient operation of the computer system such as user profiles, registry keys and serial numbers, feature sheet settings required for application icons and folders, installed applications, existing and used hardware. 


Given the sheer amount of information I have in the registry, increase pc performance, it is no longer surprising if you find that it can ultimately affect your unit’s performance. You should allow your registry to be cleaned regularly to avoid slow computer performance issues. how to boost your pc?


Your PC may also be experiencing problems with the operating system administrator. The Activation Manager can be set as a feature in your unit used to manage certain applications. 


You need to maintain control over this specific feature as this can also cause problems with your computer operations. Keep in mind that if you allow too many applications to run in your unit, you’re likely to get annoyed by its slow performance. For this reason, you need to make sure that you keep installing certain applications.


Some problems can be linked to fishing. If you use your computer for several hours each day for certain activities such as transferring, replacing, or deleting files and installing and installing software, you can expect files and data splitting to occur. 


Fragmentation can be described as a specific condition experienced by the computer after the files are scattered and distributed around the hard disk drive. Once this happens, the performance of your PC may start to slow down. Because of this, you need to make sure that you perform healing procedures regularly with the help of a PC Health Advisor.