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How to Disable CPU Throttling on Your Laptop


 CPU throttling or performance management is what allows your laptop to use the full power of your processor. However, it is usually not necessary and can be turned off. By simply checking your settings, you can disable the “Performance management” or “Power saver” options. This means that your laptop will not be slowed down when the performance of your processor is not necessary.


What is CPU Throttling?

CPU throttling is a method of regulating the temperature of a computer processor to reduce its power usage and operating temperature. When the computer gets too hot, the CPU automatically reduces its operating speed and performance, which in turn reduces heat generation. This allows the computer to continue operating at a reduced speed when it might otherwise shut down due to overheating.


Why Would My Laptop Need to Throttle Its CPU?

The most common reason for a laptop to throttle its CPU is to allow better cooling. If the CPU is not throttled, it gets hotter, and the fans need to spin faster, which makes more noise. So, you can save up to 10% of your laptop’s battery life by allowing it to throttle its CPU for your video.     

It turns out that in a laptop there are two power-hungry components: the screen, and the CPU. And if you’re doing something that makes your laptop hot, say running a game or video editing, your laptop needs to throttle its CPU to reduce its temperature. The result is that your laptop is more likely to slow down when you need it to be fast.


How to Disable CPU Throttling on Your Laptop

Many manufacturers install CPU throttling software in their laptops to give the processors a rest when they get too hot. Sometimes this can cause problems in games when the CPU will not use its full power. If you are experiencing this problem, it can be solved in a few ways.

If you’re just looking for a quick fix to disable CPU throttling on your laptop, the good news is that you probably already have everything you need. You can use Windows’ built-in powerful command-line tool to easily disable CPU throttling on your laptop so that your laptop doesn’t get too hot while it’s plugged in.



When your CPU throttles and you’re trying to do anything on your computer, it can be very frustrating and slow you down. There are several steps that you can take to prevent your laptop from throttling. If you’re still having problems with your laptop throttling, consider taking it to a professional for assistance.

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