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How to Clean Your Computer Screen


 How to Clean a Computer Screen?

Keeping your computer screen clean will increase your comfort and convenience. Therefore you must clean all parts of the computer regularly to prevent the computer from becoming dusty and dirty. However, people sometimes find it difficult to clean PC parts of their computer system especially their monitor screen. 


Most of the time they do not know the correct way to clean the monitor properly. If you want to know more about the right way to clean your screen you can read the following review carefully.


In the past, people used a liquid containing alcohol or ammonia. You may think this is the right way to clean the desktop screen but you should avoid this method. In fact, ammonia and alcohol are not safe for your computer system, especially for new computer systems. 


If you want to clean the monitor screen of a PC with a liquid substance it is highly recommended to choose distilled water instead of alcohol or ammonia liquid.


Distilled water would be a great choice if your monitor is not so dirty. What you need to do is simply spray the water onto the monitor screen and wipe them with a smooth paper or cloth to clean properly. 


You must carefully wipe the desktop screen with constant movement from top to bottom or from bottom to top clean properly. You can then proceed to take additional paper or cloth for further wiping to ensure that the dispersed water is completely removed from the screen.


What if your screen is in a very dirty state? Do not worry. You can use this way of cleaning. However, you need to add a few drops of vinegar in the distilled water and mix them well before spreading the mixture on the computer screen. 


Then you can perform the cleaning in the same steps as what was explained earlier. However, the most important thing to do is make sure you turn off your computer monitor so that you can clean the screen more safely. And always use soft paper or cloth to prevent scratches on your computer screen.


Because distilled water and vinegar are very easy to obtain you can easily apply these tips. If you want to clean your computer screen more easily and at a lower cost these tips are also great alternatives.


If your monitor is completely dirty and the dirt could not be removed it’s time for you to get the new monitor. 


There will be many excellent products offered in the market that come in many different brands such as Samsung monitor, LG computer monitor, and many others. Alternatively, you can also opt for an HD computer monitor for the most convenience.