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How to Check Your Mac’s RAM



 To check the ram on your mac, open “/Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor” and click on the ‘real memory’ tab.


What is RAM? How does it affect performance?

When we think of RAM, we often think of it as a simple unit of measure for computer storage. But the truth is that RAM is so much more than that.

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a special type of computer memory that can be read and written to at any time and does not need to wait its turn like other types of memory. This means that RAM can access data from any part of the system as needed and helps keep your Mac running fast and efficiently.


How to Check Your Mac’s RAM And What to do If There Isn’t Enough

It is important to regularly check your Mac’s RAM to make sure it has enough memory to operate smoothly. Usually, this process is done by opening the Activity Monitor and checking the ‘Real Memory’ column.

If the number in the column is over 150 MB, you are fine. However, if it is less than that then you need to add additional RAM or a new hard drive into your system.

The best way to add additional RAM is through a third party website like Crucial where they have a compatibility list for all of the current Mac products. A new hard drive can be supplemented with an external one or by adding an SSD card to your computer case.


RAM Upgrade Options for Your Mac

The current Macbook Pro only has a maximum of 16 GB of RAM. But there are a few options for upgrading the memory on your Macbook Pro.

RAM is a key component in your Mac and can be upgraded easily and cheaply. Knowing that might save you some $ and get you the performance boost you need.

Upgrading RAM for your Mac is quite easy and can save you a lot of money if done yourself.


The Complete Guide to RAM Upgrading on a Mac

There are many different types of RAM modules that you can buy for your Mac. Each type of memory module is compatible with different types of Apple computers, so it’s important to be aware of the technical specs before buying anything.

The memory of a computer is crucial for its performance. The more RAM you have, the faster the computer will run. If you are looking for a memory upgrades, visit here.



Mac computers will be the best choice for anyone who needs a reliable and powerful computer at a reasonable price.

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