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How to Check Your Computer’s Memory


 To check your system RAM, open the System Information app (the first app in the Utilities folder on your main hard drive), then click on the Memory tab. This will show you how much system RAM you have, as well as how much is in use.


What is RAM?

What is RAM? Generally speaking, RAM is a type of volatile memory (meaning the data in it will be gone as soon as you turn your laptop off) that is used to temporarily store data and make it readily available to the CPU.


How to Check Your Ram on a Windows PC

There are many ways to check your ram on a Windows PC. Some of these methods are more accurate than others.

To check your ram, you can use the Task Manager, open the Windows System Properties panel by pressing the Win+Pause key or right-clicking on This PC icon and select Properties, or press Win+R and type “msinfo32” in the Run dialogue box then press Enter to open the System Information window.


RAM Settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a built-in feature that can automatically change the settings for your system’s RAM, which is called “Automatic System Optimization.”

This feature is designed to ensure that your PC always has enough resources to perform all the tasks that you’re trying to do. When it detects that you’re not using your computer and there’s not much going on in the background, it will shut down some of these resources to save them for later when they’re needed.

You can also do this manually by adjusting the “System” tab in Windows 10’s “Control Panel.”



Your computer’s RAM is the fast and temporary memory that your processor uses to store running data. All this data is stored in your computer’s RAM before it is processed by your CPU. The more RAM you have, the more operations per second you will be able to make, and thus the faster your computer will be.

RAM comes in different speeds and capacities. To optimize your computer’s ram for optimal performance, we recommend that you buy a higher-capacity RAM that has a higher speed than what you currently have installed on your system.