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Everything You Need to Know About Ergodox Support Boards

The ergodox is a split keyboard that has been designed to be ergonomic. It has two halves, each of which is made up of three columns of keys.

The first column contains the most used keys, the second column contains less used keys and the third column contains seldomly used keys. The left-hand side of the board works in a mirrored fashion to the right-hand side.

What is an Ergodox Support Board and How Does it Work?

Ergodox is a split keyboard that has been designed to be more ergonomic than traditional keyboards. It can be used with both hands and the two halves of the keyboard are not symmetrical.

The Ergodox Support Board is a project that has been created to help people who are using the Ergodox keyboard and have issues with their wrist pain. It’s an add-on board for the Ergodox that you can plug in to let it know what kind of hand position you’re in, so it can adjust accordingly

Top 10 Ergodox Support Boards in the Market

Ergonomics is the science of designing environments to suit the needs of human beings. Ergodox support boards are a great way to make sure that your hands, arms and wrists are in a good position and don’t get strained while you are typing.

The 10 best ergonomics support boards in the market today:

  • Kinesis Freestyle
  • Kinesis Advantage
  • ErgoDox EZ
  • Maltron F
  • Matias Ergo Pro
  • Workman Ergonomic
  • Evoluent VerticalMouse
  • Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse
  • Microsoft Sculpt Wired Mouse
  • Evoluent VerticalMouse 3

What Is The Best Ergodox Keyboard for You?

The best ergonomic keyboard is the one that suits you the best.

The following is a list of three keyboards that are considered to be among the best ergonomic keyboards available in the market.

  1. The Kinesis Advantage2
  2. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
  3. The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomics Keyboard

What to Consider When Buying An Ergodox Keyboard From Quirky?

Quirky is a company that creates products for the home and office. One of their products is the Quirky ergodox keyboard which has many features that make it stand out from other keyboards.

The Quirky ergodox keyboard is a split-keyboard which means that it splits into two halves and is placed on either side of your desk. The benefit of this design is that it can help you maintain better posture, as well as give you more space to move your hands around without having to reach for other keys. It also has a number pad on the right side, making it more convenient for those who use numbers often.


The ergodox support board is a Kickstarter project that has been designed to provide ergonomic support for the most popular keyboard in the world, the Ergodox. It can be used as an adjustable wrist rest, a stand for your phone or tablet and many other things.

Is Ergo and ErgoDox the same?

Ergo and ErgoDox are not the same. The Ergo is an ergonomic keyboard that has a few features that make it more comfortable to use. Whereas the ErgoDox is an ergonomic keyboard with a full split design and can be used by people who have carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist pain.

How do I reset my ErgoDox?

The keyboard needs to be reset when it has been powered down or before it has been used for a long period. To do this, plug the USB cable into the keyboard and then press and hold the “POWER” key on the keyboard while plugging in the USB cable.

Is ErgoDox ergonomic?

Yes, the ErgoDox is ergonomic because it reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury and it has a design that splits into two halves, one for each hand.