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Digital Printing: Is Make Ready Required?

Digital printing does not require Make Ready.

A make-ready is a process where the printer reviews the job file to ensure it is correct and compatible with their equipment. A make-ready may include a proof, which will be reviewed by the customer before printing.

What is Print Make Ready?

Print make-ready is a process that ensures the quality of print. It is a step in the printing process where the printer checks if there are any errors in the files before they go to print.

The printer will check for any missing fonts, images, graphics and other elements that are needed for printing. They will also check for color and resolution issues to make sure that everything is perfect before printing.

The Basics of Print Make Ready

The printing process is a long and complex process that includes many different steps. The production cycle starts with the printer receiving all the files for the job. After this, they will take care of the pre-press stage, which includes designing and printing a test page to make sure everything is ready for printing.

The next stage is called press checks, where the printer will check if everything looks good before sending it to the press. After this, they will print the job and then finally they will send it off to be post-processed and delivered to their customer.

How to Check Your Print Prep For The Final Check

A print prep is a PDF file that has been prepared for printing. The prep contains all the necessary information about the layout and design of the document to be printed.

There are some steps to take when checking your print prep for the final check:

1) Check If Your Document Has All The Necessary Information

2) Make Sure That All Fonts Are Available

3) Check For Any Missing Images

4) Check That There Is No Unwanted Content In Your Document


Digital printing does not require a make-ready because it is much more efficient than offset printing. It can print more pages in less time, and it prints on both sides of the paper at the same time.


How do I prepare digital art for printing?

You will need to know your desired image size beforehand. You can use your browser to view the size of a digital image. Open up the file and right-click on it, then select “view” or “properties”. The dimensions will be listed in pixels.

Next, you will need to resize the digital art for printing by selecting Image > Image Size from your menu bar and entering the desired dimensions in pixels (make sure you have inches selected).

Finally, export your file as a JPEG or PNG with transparency enabled.

How do I prepare an image for printing?

There are several different ways to prepare an image for printing. One of the most common is to take the image into Photoshop and resize it so that it will be easy for the printer to slice and print.

One way to do this is to go into Photoshop, open up your file, and then go to File > Image Size. From there you can specify your desired dimensions in inches or pixels. You can also specify whether you want the height or width of your image to be larger than the other, or if you want them both to have equal size.

How do you make designs ready to print?

If you are designing a logo, you will only need to export it as a vector file. However, if you are designing a shirt for an online store, then you would need to create your design in Adobe Illustrator and then export it as an EPS or PDF file.