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Computer Running Slow? Make Your Computer Run Faster



Make Your Slow Computer Run Faster

Computers are very useful for us especially now that we are in the information age. It can help us in many things which is why many people tend to purchase the most advanced computers available today. Unfortunately, computer that run slow is unavoidable regardless of its specifications. 


You do not have to worry about performance because everyone except those who know how to fix a slow running laptop pc or desktop computer is experiencing this problem in windows 10.


A lot of people just take solutions like improving the specifications of their computer or purchasing better hardware like RAM or CPU to increase computer performance. Some will even try to redesign and reinstall Windows 10 just to fix a performance of a slow running computer. 


Before proceeding with these steps why not try to fix a slow computer that runs slowly using the most basic steps?


1. Clean Your PC

This is the first thing you need to do if you want to increase PC performance. Loaded systems are the first reason for a slow-running computer because the computer has to search for several files before it can perform a particular operation.


When cleaning a computer running slowly all you have to do is locate the “Disk Cleanup” option on your accessories tab. This program will scan your PC and remove any unnecessary files you no longer need. 


You do not have to purchase anything just to clean your laptop pc or desktop computer running slow. Simply run this tool and execute the command prompt. You can increase computer performance or repair the computer that runs slow easily if you have a clean system.


2. Remove Viruses Malware and Spyware

After cleaning your system the next thing you need to do is perform an in-depth scan. Using your antivirus and antispyware programs scan your computer slowly and remove any suspicious files in your system. This will allow you to drastically increase your computer’s performance.


Viruses malware and spyware are harmful files that can cause a computer to run slowly. Some types of these files can even cause your computer to crash or crash. You need to regularly check your system and keep it clean of these types of files if you want to increase your computer’s performance.


3. Fix Registry Errors

Registry is where all the settings and information on your computer are stored. The cluttered registry is the first reason a computer runs slowly because the system has to go through all the files within the registry to perform a specific operation. 


If you want to improve your computer’s performance you must repair the damaged registry.


Whether you like it or not the registry on your computer will be overloaded and your computer does not have the tools you need to fix the registry. Fortunately, some programs can repair a computer that run slow and increase pc or computer performance with just one click. The best thing about it is that you can download it for free.


Always remember that whenever you are having problems with your computer running slowly purchasing a new machine or new parts should be your last resort. 


Always follow the most basic as these are free steps to increase computer performance and will help you easily repair a computer that is running slowly.