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Can You Fly a DJI Drone Without Cell Service?

The DJI drones are made to fly with a cell connection and without it, the drone has limited capabilities. It is important to note that these drones can only fly as high as 50 meters without a connection and also cannot be controlled as precisely.

Flying a drone is not as easy as it looks. You need to have a good understanding of the controls and you need to be able to see what your drone sees. This is where cell service can be a problem. Luckily, DJI has come up with an app that will allow you to fly your drone without cell service.

The DJI GO app is an app for iOS and Android that will allow you to fly your drone without cell service, but it does require a data connection for the map to load. If you are outside of the country or don’t have access to Wi-Fi, then this might not be the best option for you. But if you are in range of Wi-Fi or have access to a data connection then this app can be really helpful when flying your DJI drone without cell service.

Why Would You Need to Fly a DJI Drone Without Cell Service?

Flying a DJI drone without cell service is not as difficult as it sounds. These drones are equipped with GPS and have a flight time of around 30 minutes on one charge.

So, if you happen to lose your internet connection while flying your drone, you will still be able to fly it back home. All you need is GPS and a map of the area where you want to fly the drone. You can use Google Maps for this or download offline maps from the app store.

Cellular Range & Signal – How Far Can You Go?

Cellular range and signal are two of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a drone. If you have a weak signal, your drone will struggle to fly or may not fly at all.

The range of your cellular signal is also important because it determines how far you can go before the drone loses connection to the cellular network. There is a risk that your drone will lose contact with its controller if there are too many obstacles in between, so it’s best to find a clear route. The more obstacles there are, the shorter the range will be.

Required Accessories – What do you need?

A drone is a powerful tool. It can be used for commercial, recreational and professional purposes. For example, it can be used to take aerial photographs of properties in the real estate industry or to monitor agricultural fields.

But like any other device, a drone is not without its problems. One of the most common issues that drone users face is signal interference from buildings or trees. This can either lead to dropped signals or interrupted video feeds which are very frustrating for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

Fortunately, there are solutions available for this problem: one option is using a GPS tracker for your drone which will allow you to monitor your device’s location at all times and avoid losing it in the first place; another option would be using a cell signal booster for drones which will help improve your signal strength and reception – even if you’re flying indoors.

What about the Airplane Mode?

Airplane Mode is a simple and effective way to protect drones from getting hacked in the air.

Airplane Mode is a setting that can be enabled on a drone and it disables the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. This mode is used to protect the drone and its payload from being accessed by hackers.

What about the DJI Go App?

DJI GO is a mobile application that enables you to control your DJI drones with your smartphone or tablet.

The DJI GO app is compatible with the latest DJI drones and offers a variety of features for professional and amateur aerial photographers. You can use the app to control your drone, view video feeds from its camera, or plane flight paths.

If you are looking for an easy way to fly your drone, then DJI GO is the perfect option for you.


DJI drones are built to fly with or without cell service, so you can still control your drone even if you’re out in the middle of nowhere. To fly without a connection, your DJI drone must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. DJI’s GEO system and FlightHub allow for control over Wi-Fi hotspots with no cell service.


Can you fly DJI without data?

DJI products are designed to be used with DJI’s software, DJI GO. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, and it requires a mobile device on the drone.
No, you cannot fly DJI without data.

Do DJI drones use cellular data?

Yes, DJI drones use cellular data. DJI claims that their drones are not only easy to fly but also easy to connect. To fly a DJI drone, you need to download the DJI GO app from the App Store or Google Play store. You would then need to create an account with DJI and then connect your drone to your phone.

Can you fly DJI in a no-fly zone?

The answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. The FAA has prohibited the use of drones for hobby purposes in the United States.