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Can a PC run without CMOS battery?

A PC can run without a CMOS battery, but it will not be able to store any information that is not saved on the hard drive.

The CMOS battery is also responsible for maintaining the date and time of your system. The PC will lose the current date and time if the CMOS battery is removed or has failed.

What Should You Do If Your Bios Settings Are Wrong?

If you have set your BIOS settings incorrectly, you will need to reset them to their default values for your PC to work properly again. To do this, you will need to remove all power sources from your computer including unplugging it from its power source, removing all batteries from its devices, and disconnecting any USB devices that may be connected.

Once these steps have been completed, press and hold down your computer’s power button for 15 seconds or until it shuts off completely. After this has been done, plug in your computer’s power cord.

CMOS Battery and BIOS Setup

CMOS batteries are necessary to store the BIOS settings in a PC. The CMOS battery is not required to power the PC and it can be removed without any adverse effects.

The CMOS battery is used to save the BIOS settings in a PC when there is no power supply. But it does not provide any power for the PC, so it can be removed without any adverse effects on the computer’s performance.

PC Running Without CMOS Battery?

The CMOS battery is a small, round lithium battery that stores the time and date information when the computer is turned off. This battery is not required for system operation but if it is not installed or cannot be detected, the PC will not boot.

If you are using your laptop without a CMOS battery or installing a new one incorrectly, you may notice that your laptop does not turn on. This can be fixed with an external power supply and by resetting CMOS settings to default values.

What is a CMOS Battery and Why Do You Need it for Your PC?

A CMOS battery is an energy source for the computer’s clock and BIOS settings. It is usually a coin-sized lithium battery that lasts for five to ten years.

CMOS batteries are important to have in your computer because they provide power to the motherboard and its components. If the CMOS battery goes dead, then it will lead to a lot of issues with your PC’s stability.

If you are looking for a replacement battery, be sure that it has the same specifications as the original one.

How to Change or Replace a CMOS Battery on a Dell Desktop Computer

The CMOS battery is an important component of a Dell computer. It stores the date and time settings in a machine’s BIOS and also handles the boot order.

The CMOS battery is usually located on the motherboard, near the processor or memory slots. It can be accessed by removing the computer’s side or bottom cover. The battery can be replaced by unscrewing it from its socket, then soldering in a new one, before putting it back in place.


A PC can run without a CMOS battery. It’s a small, round battery with a long life. The CMOS battery supplies power to the real-time clock and BIOS setup program.

It maintains data even when there is no external power input as well as provides backup for the computer’s settings in case of a power outage.


Can I use a PC without a CMOS battery?

No, you cannot. The CMOS battery is used to store information about the system configuration.

What will happen if the CMOS battery is removed?

The CMOS battery is the power source for the clock and other information stored in the computer’s memory. Removing the battery will result in the loss of all data stored in CMOS.

Does CMOS battery affect computer performance?

No, CMOS batteries do not affect computer performance. There is no significant evidence that a CMOS battery affects the computer performance.