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Android Phone Turn On When Charging – Know The Cause

When the battery is low, Android phones will automatically turn on when plugged in to charge.

This is a safety precaution that will help avoid any potential problems with the phone.

Android Turn on When Charging

Android phones come with a default setting that turns them on when they are plugged in to charge. This is an option that you can turn off if you want.

To turn off this feature on your Android phone, go to Settings > Battery > Turn off “Turn on while charging”.

The following steps will show you how to turn off the feature on your iPhone:

Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock, Scroll down and uncheck “Turn On iPhone When Charging”.

What is the Purpose of Turning an Android Phone Off When Charging?

The purpose of turning off the phone when it’s charging is to save battery life. When the phone is on, it constantly checks for any messages or notifications that come in. It also checks for a signal from the network. All these activities use up battery life, so turning off the phone saves battery life and charges faster.

When you plug your device into a charger, it starts to charge automatically. Many people think that this means they can just leave their device plugged in at all times and not worry about overcharging or damaging their battery because it will automatically turn off when fully charged. However, this isn’t true. Leaving your device plugged in all the time still wears down your battery and can damage your phone’s internal components over time because it never gets a chance to rest and cool down.

Is Turning Your Phone On When It’s Plugged In Safe?

Charging your smartphone while it’s turned off is a common habit for most people. However, it can be harmful to the battery and will shorten its life span.

The reason for this is that when you plug in your phone, it starts charging and discharging at the same time. This means that your phone will charge to 100% while on standby mode but when you turn it on, the battery will discharge rapidly as well. This is because turning on your phone means that you are using more power which in turn drains the battery faster than usual.

The best way to prolong your mobile’s life span is by turning off your phone and only charging it when needed.

How to Turn Your Phone On and Off Automatically While It Charges

The best way to turn your phone off automatically while it charges is to use a power strip. You can plug your phone into the power strip and then plug the power strip into the wall. This will enable you to turn on and off your phone with a switch.

Many people have faced this problem of forgetting to turn their phones off when charging overnight. For this not to happen, it is important that you set up a reminder on your phone that will alert you when the battery is full and needs to be charged again.


It might seem counterintuitive to turn on the device when it’s charging because we want to save battery power. But in reality, turning on the device while charging will charge your device faster because of the increased current flow.


Why does my phone automatically turn on when charging?

The simple answer is that it’s the phone’s way of saving battery power. If you’ve ever noticed your phone turn on when plugged in and charging, it’s because the charging process is not 100% efficient. When you plug your phone in, it detects that there is a current flowing and turns on. When you unplug the charger, the process reverses and your phone goes back to sleep.

How do I stop my Android screen from turning on when charging?

To stop this, turn off the feature that automatically turns on your screen when you plug in your phone for charging.

1) Turn off the option that makes your phone show notifications while charging and turn on battery-saver mode

2) Disable the notification for “charging” in the settings menu

How can I turn on my Android without the power button?

To turn on your Android device without the power button, you can use the following steps:

  • Press and hold the volume up and down buttons simultaneously.
  • When you see a blue screen, release these buttons.
  • Touch the “Power off” option to turn on your phone.